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I didn’t call or visit much.


Growing up, my Nana and Papa lived in Australia.


We called sparingly. International phone calls were expensive in the 1990's! Plus, time zone differences made syncing up a skillful art.


Our family would make calls to Nana and Papa on birthdays or at Christmas, but it wasn’t often and calls didn’t last long. I remember eagerly standing by my dad waiting for his cue that it was my turn to hop on and say “hi” into the receiver.


Plus, I only visited twice.


My dad made a habit of bringing one person with him (either me, one of my two sisters, or mom) each time he travelled back to his home country. My turn came up twice.


Before this story starts to sound sad, it wasn’t! It just took creative thinking.

I learned another way...

Facing all of this, we formed clever ways to stay connected.


Most of it involved sending things in the mail.


We sent greeting cards, photos, drawings, and -get this- cassette tapes on which we had recorded one-sided conversations with them.


It was fun!

And easy.

And inexpensive - just the cost of materials and postage.


I learned first-hand that there are multiple ways to connect with elderly loved ones. We are not limited to phone calls or visits. And alternative methods are meaningful. They can be the backbone on which a relationship stands.

We're here to guide you!

You don’t have to call.

You’re not failing if you don’t visit “enough.”


You can send love to your Silver easily and meaningfully through The Silver Post.


Welcome to it!

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Carolyn Dalle-Molle



Growth + Member Support



I take a selfie. Photos of smiling faces are great, and take the pressure off feeling like "I need to have an epic landscape photo from a solo backpacking-through-Europe trip I just took." Take a pic of yourself walking down the street, write I love you, and -trust me- they love it.


Charles Renwick



Software Development


I look at the photos on my camera roll and choose a few that I already took. If I have a low key month, I'll go back to previous months photos and find a one there to talk about.

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