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Phone calls aren't for everyone

When we live apart, sometimes "call your grandma" isn't realistic advice.


A former colleague can't call because her Grandma is hard of hearing. My bestie procrastinates calling because she feels bad about how long it's been each time. I found myself procrastinating, too.


There's another option. I believe intentional design has the ability to connect us in new and fun ways.

We designed a new routine

"My grandma cried when she got the first one. It kind of surprised me. She loves them. I can't believe how much it means to her."

-Angela, member for 27+ months

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We believe in new options

78% of adult grandkids feel they "don't reach out enough"

We often have a lot going on. Weeks can fly by. And we don't always pick up the phone to call our grandparents. It's okay! Struggling to adopt "normal" routines set by previous generations isn't our responsibility. It's 2020 and time for new options! We are modern grandkids, and we've got love to share.

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