Girl Admits The #1 Guilty Thing Most Grandkids Try to Ignore

Like many of us, Angela says she used to call her 75-year-old grandmother... sometimes.

She explains, "I called my Gram very infrequently and I honestly would sometimes feel bad about that. I'd think 'ugh my grandmother is getting old and I should talk to her more,' but I'd really only call her on her birthday and Christmas, and visit her a few times a year."

Then, back in February of 2018, Angela decided to start sending The Silver Post to Gram.

Her first postcard created an unexpected response, Angela recalls. Gram was pleasantly surprised to say the least. She called Angela right away and left a voicemail (on the edge of tears) saying how nice it was and how much she likes it.

"Now I'm basically going about my same life, but do this quick text, and she gets it."

Angela went on to explain that now she stresses less about needing to call all the time, and instead, when she thinks about Gram, her thoughts go to 'which picture should I put on the postcard this month?'

At that point, she'll scroll through her phone to find a photo that Gram hasn't seen yet.

Other times, Angela says she might be doing something fun and proactively think to take a pic for Gram. Her June postcard (below) is an example of that. Angela said she saw her reflection in the window and thought, "Oh that's kind of a cute picture, she'd appreciate seeing that."

grandkid admits not calling grandma enough
One of Angela's postcards to Gram during summer 2018

Angela also confessed that during her first few months using The Silver Post, she thought it needed to be a really nice picture only. "But then I realized she just wants to see what I'm doing daily."

The truly unexpected surprise?

Now their phone calls are more frequent (and more fun) too.

"Every time I call her, she's so happy and expresses how happy she is that I called. She usually asks 'what's new?' and I used to just say 'not much' and talk about work or whatever, but now I can actually send her a picture of what my boyfriend and I have done recently and we can talk about that."

After her first few postcards, Angela asked her grandmother if it's too much, if she's overwhelmed or if the postcards create clutter. She said Gram replied, "No! Please never stop."

And she doesn't plan to.

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