Life Moments that Grandparents Love to See

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

When it comes time to send Nonna or Grampy your Silver Post photo for the month, you might be clearly inspired by something on your phone, or wonder what's worth sending.

Ultimately, your grandparents would love to see ANYthing from you.

A selfie, a photo of a meal you had, a view of the street you live on... it's all great!

Some members always send photos of their dogs while others take a quick selfie once a month and simply write "I love you!" 


The point is that you are reaching out.

That said, I understand when members ask for a little added inspiration, and have fun doing it!

For instance, I use my life as an example.

It's fun to point out the moments (big and small) that are "postcard worthy" and share them for inspiration.

I began posting my real-life ideas on Instagram, and thought I could now share a few of them here, too!


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