All you do is text

Easy, right?

That's our goal.

Texting is part of life today. It's a normal way we communicate. Why not do what feels easy and natural? We say you can.

They get real mail

Like magic, your updates are in Grandma's hands.

Once a month, we send a glossy 4x6 postcard to your Silver from you. Photos are on the front, and captions on the back.

It's an exciting routine at their mailbox, and keeps you connected.

How it works

Text us. You can text whenever. Send photos and a message. Even the simplest "hello" works wonders!

We send reminders; you don't need to remember.

As soon as each month ends, The Silver Post mail goes out! This creates a consistent routine for your Silver, no matter when you text us.

Dina headshot.png

Dina sends to Nonna

"Nonna lovesss The Silver Post and every time she sees me she tells me how much she loves getting them every month. This was a seriously great idea"


Start Texting

$5.00 / month


  • Private texting thread with our robot

  • One (1) monthly postcard to your Silver. Want 2? There's an option at checkout!

  • Reminder texts so you don't forget

  • 2+ years of ideas for what to say

  • International mailing included

  • Annual savings option at checkout ($3.75/mo.)

  • Stop anytime

Modern Interior

As a member you will

  • keep it easy - texting!

  • feel comfortable 

  • feel great about doing your part to reach out and send love

Old Study

while your Silver...

  • feels connected to you

  • feels remembered

  • feels loved


The Silver Team

Boston, MA

  • Twitter - Carolyn McRae
  • Instagram - The Silver Post

Thank you! We will get back to you within 48 hours.